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Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe that the most effective way to help clients achieve results is to create precise objectives and individual goals. Utilizing a thorough and structured intake assessment, we discuss and develop with clients exercise and nutrition programs based on their specific needs.

Our Fitness Programs are designed to fit a busy lifestyle. We believe maximum results can be achieved by just two or three sessions of 30 minutes a week. With careful and constant monitoring, we provide guided and goal oriented exercise programs, creating optimal changes clients want in their health and fitness.

Success Begins with a Plan

01 / Intake assessment

At Energetics, our exercise programs are created through communication with our clients about their specific needs, goals and personal preferences. Using a confidential health questionnaire, we can discuss and assess various health concerns, assess any previous or re-occurring injuries and evaluate your current physical condition.

02 / Physical Assessment

Next we conduct a physical assessment to collect information on body mechanics, limitations and other areas of concern. This processes allows our fitness professionals to determine a clients’ strengths and weaknesses through a series of physical exercises.

03 / Body composition and nutritional planning

By utilizing our Fit3D Body Scanner, the most comprehensive body composition assessment system on the market, clients can view a 360 degree 3D image of their own body. Clients can then assess their own posture and body composition measurements. With the help of their Fitness Professional and the Fit3D Body Scanner, appropriate goals and healthy lifestyle changes can be met through intense workouts and a detailed nutrition plan.

04 / The Exercise Program

Based on our client’s immediate and long term goals, we develop precise programs regarding the frequency, volume and intensity of each exercise session. Our scientific approach to training, proper exercise technique, constant supervision, and ideal exercise prescription are the keys to a successful and healthy lifestyle change.