A woman has a 3D model of herself created on a machine.



Fit3D Pro Scanner is a three-dimensional body imaging technology that utilizes a highly sensitive camera tower with a safe infrared light to scan and measure various points on your body in less than 40 seconds. The data is quickly compiled to create a detailed topographical image of your body, with precise measurements. Following the scan, users will be given their own login to view their personal results and detailed health reports. You will learn about your:

01 / Body Composition

Each scan provides users with a body composition review which includes a percentage breakdown of body fat percentage as well as data on lean mass and fat mass percentages.

02 / 3D Images and Measurements

Each scan provides a 360-degree image as well as hundreds of body measurements which means users gain access to highly advanced data regarding their body shape and how it changes overtime with diet and exercise.

03 / Balance Weight Scale

This data shows users how their body weight changes as well as their body’s overall balance.

04 / Postural Analysis

Each scan provides a deep understanding of shifts, tilts, rotations and structural discrepancies in your body from your head to your ankles.

Consultation and single Fit3D scan

Besides physical appearance, all of these measurements are important indicators of health risks; and can be used to study trends and fine tune personalized health programs. Using such a user friendly web platform makes it easy for users to share their physical data with Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers and any other health care professionals to help with achieving their health and fitness goals.