At Energetics we understand that having a consistent,
powerful golf swing is the ultimate goal.

Golf Fitness

Fitness & Performance

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, it is important to recognize the value of fitness in golf performance. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Instructors help you develop a better understanding of how strength, posture, balance and flexibility are essential in achieving a more reliable and effective golf swing.

What We Do

Utilizing our TPI Physical Screen and Video Swing Analysis, we examine your body mechanics and identify how physical limitations and restrictions correlate to your swing.

Through corrective exercise and an individualized Golf Fitness Program, we can scientifically train and condition your body for a more fluid golf swing. By removing physical limitations and improving your body’s movements, we can give you the physical ability to improve your golf swing and lower your score on the course.

What is a TPI Screen?

The Titleist Performance Institute Golf Physical Screen tests the mobility and stability of every muscle used in the golf swing. It is a functional movement screen that helps to identify any limitations that could be affecting a player’s swing or limitations that can potentially contribute to painful movements.

The series of functional screens are designed to evaluate the body’s ability or inability to perform an efficient golf swing. After evaluating the golfer’s flexibility, strength, balance and biomechanics, a custom golf fitness program is then designed to improve body function and mobility.

Corrective Exercise

Injury and painful movements are the most common reasons people stop playing golf, with the most frequent injury sites being the low back, shoulder, knee, elbow and wrist. The goal of corrective exercise is to address these issues as well as to strengthen postural muscles and improve strength, balance and speed.

Golf Specific Strength Training

Golf specific strength and conditioning programs focus on all of the muscles involved in your swing. Exercises are intended to increase strength in positions where weakness and stress occur in the golf swing. Not only will increasing strength in golf specific muscles help you hit the ball farther, it will enable you to maintain positions due to stronger core and postural muscles.

Weak core muscles cause changes in the spine during the swing and create inconsistencies and swing faults. Most golfers complain of fatigue or golf breakdown, caused by weak, fatigued muscles (primarily abdominal and lower back muscles). To maintain the proper position in your swing you need to have strength and endurance in all the primary golf muscles.

Power and Speed Training

Club head speed is the key to long drives. Club head speed is determined by how quickly your muscles respond and contract. This means that the faster you can accelerate your golf swing, the more force will be applied to the ball, and the farther it will travel.

Hitting longer more consistent drives requires you need to train your muscles for speed and quickness. Focusing on exercises that train for speed of contraction and, at the same time, strengthening the primary muscle groups involved in swinging a golf club will give you greater distance and more consistency.

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