A man and a woman walking out onto a sunny golf course, ready to play.

Golf Fitness

8 Week Program

Our 8 Week Program Includes:

  • 2 Sessions a week with our Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Coaches
  • Free Golf Fitness Assessment (Physical Screen, Virtual Fit3D, Video Analysis of Swing – $125 Value)
  • Reassessment at the end of your program
  • Guaranteed spot in our Maintenance Program

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TPI Golf Performance

Fitness & Performance

Golf Fitness is not just about getting stronger and creating more power. Whether you’re an avid, amateur or professional golfer, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness is about optimizing your body’s abilities to maximize performance. By understanding the key indicators for speed, power and efficiency, as well as testing each individual’s physical capabilities, we establish the cornerstone of modern golf performance. No matter your age or skill level, this means a reduced risk of injury, more mobility, power, consistency, and ultimately, greater distance out on the golf course.

TPI Golf Swing Assessment

Every good fitness program begins with an assessment. The TPI Swing Assessment is designed to test every key movement that occurs during a golf swing. This helps us to identify any mobility, stability, or strength deficiencies that may be causing you a loss of power, inconsistency, or pain in your swing. No more guessing what could be the best training approach for your golfer!
Our comprehensive assessment sets the framework for an “individual’s need” based analysis for the golfer. By combining a functional movement screen with video swing analysis we help our golfer’s progress through a customized, golf-specific training program that builds on mobility, stability, coordination, strength and power, laying the foundation for peak pain free golf performance.

Golf Mobility and Stability

Improving your body’s mobility and ability to maintain stability throughout the golf swing is key. The golf swing, like any other one-sided repetitive activity, naturally creates imbalances and compensations in the body. This often leads to swing inconsistencies and can cause pain or even injury. Our golf mobility and stability program helps you develop the necessary levels of joint mobility and stabilization strength to execute a proficient golf swing and keep you pain free no matter how many rounds you play each week.

An Energetics branded golf ball lies in the grass beside a putter.
A neatly organized row of free weights lines a wall shelf.

Power and Speed Training

Club head speed is the ultimate sport-specific expression of power in golf. The faster you can accelerate your golf swing, the more force is applied to the ball and the further it will travel. Once you have built an overall base of strength, hitting longer drives is primarily determined by how quickly your muscles respond and contract. Our Golf Performance Program utilizes exercises that train for speed of muscular contraction and, at the same time, strengthen the primary muscle groups involved in the swing, giving you greater distance and more consistency.

Are You Golf Strong?

As a golfer, you need workouts designed for the game. Strength in golf is more than just about being gym strong. Strength in golf involves many different factors, including power, balance, body awareness, stability, neuromuscular coordination, and endurance. As golf is a rotary power sport, when a golfer has difficulty in any of the above skills, the weakness becomes apparent in the golf swing. We design our golf-specific strength and conditioning programs with exercises that not only focus on strengthening every muscle involved in the swing, but also exercises that improve the way muscles work together. We make you “GOLF STRONG!”