Several Energetics Kingston coaches help their clients work out.

What is H.I.T.?

What Is H.I.T.?

At Energetics we promote High Intensity Resistance Training (H.I.T.). Resistance exercise is any type of training in which you’re working against an external force that resists your movement with the intention of progressing in strength, lean muscle tissue, and or muscular endurance.

01 / Time efficient

In our facility, we promote shorter, more intense and efficient workouts that last 30 minutes.

02 / Exercise Frequency

To avoid overtraining and repetitive strain injuries, we encourage less time in the gym and more recovery time between sessions so muscle tissue can repair properly.

03 / Increase mobility and Function

We believe in the importance of pain free movement and maximizing mobility through the use of safe quality exercise. Not only do our exercise programs strengthen muscles but they also strengthen connective tissues, increasing joint stability reducing the risk of injury leading to remarkable improvements in mobility and function.

04 / Proactive and Preventative Health Care

In preventing health issues exercise must be able to stimulate change without causing ill effects or injury. Exercise programs must be customized to the individual in order to be proactive in the prevention of injury and the reduction or maintenance of chronic diseases. Our exercise protocol is designed to repair and rebuild tissues; this process begins with the development of a precise exercise prescription.